A Few Thoughts on Listing to SELL

When you list your property for sale it is because you want to SELL it.

Sheree Graham

Your decision has been brought about by your circumstances and these are your motivation. Simply putting your house on the market to see what happens doesn’t work because motivation is the key – so before you decide to sell answer this: “what is your WHY?”

My WHY is that I love selling.

I attract the right buyer who will see the value in your property and pay you a price you are willing to accept so you can move on.

Selling starts with marketing

Professional marketing is not just taking a photograph and putting it in a window somewhere. It is identifying potential purchasers and attracting them by ensuring your house is presented to them in it’s best possible light through staging, photography and copywriting. That is then used in a targeted and cohesive advertising campaign to create interest in the property and desire in those ideal purchasers.

A combination of print, website and social media advertising is used to capture any potential purchasers where they are receptive to your ads; and holding Open Homes allows purchasers to take the time to not only see the property but also experience the neighbourhood.  Not to mention seeing their potential competition at the Open Homes at the same time enhances their desire for the property and adds a sense of urgency – a critical part of marketing that pictures and ads alone can’t achieve.

When you list with me you list to SELL

I don’t list a property for sale in the hope that it will eventually sell. When I list a property I work hard for a positive result. It’s an investment in time and effort from both of us, me, the salesperson and you, the vendor, working as a team to get you the result you want. And remember, I work for nothing until your property sells – your only upfront cost is for marketing.

The market has changed from what it was only 1 to 2 years ago. It is more important than ever that your property stands out from the rest compelling potential purchasers to enquire about it, visit the Open Homes and want to own it above all the other properties that are available to them right now.

If you know your WHY and you are serious about selling, let’s talk.