The Meth Debate

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Methamphetamine contamination has been an emotional topic for a long time among landlords as well as purchasers and vendors. New scientific information has shown no danger to those living in dwellings where meth has been used, not one case of harm has been found anywhere in any of the data available to the scientific community. A great result of this is that 200+ Housing New Zealand rental properties will now be able to be put back into the pool of rental property which is very much needed at present and landlords and vendors can potentially save thousands of dollars in unnecessary cleaning.

Smoke alarms have also been a hot topic recently and this article is very clear that photoelectric alarms are essential in rental properties, not a bad idea also in private residential properties, as they are recommended by the New Zealand Fire Service. So with Winter upon us it’s a good time to check your fire alarms and upgrade to the photoelectric option. Better to be safe than sorry!